About GIST Alliance for patients Bulgaria


GIST Alliance for patients Bulgaria was founded in January 2012 as a non-profit organization supporting people affected by GIST in Bulgaria.
• To support patients, their families and caregivers;
• To represent GIST patients and their rights in front of National HealthAuthorities;
• To provide a reliable information in native language;
• To help patients to obtain the appropriate treatment;
• To make people thinking about GIST.
• Website www.gist-bg.com consisting in easily accessible information about GST , diagnosis, treatment options and managing the side effects;
• Annual meeting of medical specialists, GIST survivors, their families and friends;
• Psychological support;
• Distribution of leaflets with basic information about GIST; emphasizing the patients’ personal responsibility in their therapy; dealing with side effect such as Hand-Foot Skin Reaction etc, training seminars regarding GIST follow-up, drug-drug and drug-food interaction, and treatment with generic medicines.
• To make “compassionate use” accessible to Bulgarian patients;
• To make available the imatinib plasma level testing for Bulgarian GIST patients;
• To assist in the inclusion of new medicines in the reimbursement list;
• To involve the Bulgarian medical specialists in scientific GIST treatment research.
• To establish and develop a close relationship between Southeastern European PAGs.

GIST Alliance for patients Bulgaria is a full member of SPAEN (Sarcoma Patients EuroNet) and an associated member of ECPC (European Cancer Patient Coalition) - Membership number BGR004
If you have questions, please contact us:
• Address: Nadejda I, 103 – B, apt. 66, 1220 Sofia, Bulgaria
• Phone: +359 888 585 366; +359 889 242 227
• Email: info@gist-bg.com
Your support is greatly appreciated.
• Account details:
Name of the bank – Unicredit Bulbank
Address of the bank - 7, Sveta Nedelya sq.; 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
Holder of the Account - Sdrugenie na patcientite s GIST v Bulgaria
IBAN - BG54 UNCR 7000 1520 4307 39
Currency - BGN (€/$)

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